Cloud Flare Hosting Security

CloudFlare - What is it, how does it work and where to activate it.

What is CloudFlare?

CloudFlare acts as a proxy between your visitors and bluefish hosting servers, caching content and filtering malicious traffic before it hits the server, improving your website's overall performance and security. CloudFlare is included in our Business and Business Plus hosting plans. If you are an existing bluefish hosting customer, you can easily activate CloudFlare from within cPanel.

CloudFlare is designed to take a great hosting platform like and make it even better.

How Does it Work?

CloudFlare run 23 data centres strategically located around the world. When you sign up for CloudFlare, we begin routing your traffic to the nearest data centre.

As your traffic passes through the data centres, CloudFlare intelligently determine what parts of your website are static versus dynamic. The static portions are cached on our servers for a short period of time, typically less than 2 hours before ato see if they've been updated. By automatically moving the static parts of your site closer to your visitors, the overall performance of your site improves significantly.

CloudFlare's intelligent caching system also means you save bandwidth, which means saving money, and decreases the load on our servers, which means your web application will run faster and more efficiently than ever. On average, CloudFlare customers see a 60% decrease in bandwidth usage, and a 65% in total requests to their servers. The overall effect is that CloudFlare will typically cut the load time for pages on your site by 50% which means higher engagement and happier visitors.

Signing up

Any website can deploy CloudFlare, regardless of your underlying platform. By integrating closely with bluefish hosting, we make the process of setting up CloudFlare Easy through your existing Control Panel.

To use the basic version of CloudFlare is free. This is suitable for 70% of websites. For sites that are more complex and have SSL certificates there are additional costs that are levied by CloudFlare.

Power of CloudFlare:

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CloudFlare is designed to take a great hosting platform

CloudFlare's intelligent caching system

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