$99.95* /mo
  • 1 Core
  • 1GB RAM
  • 150GB SAN Storage
  • 100GB Bandwidth
  • Australian Datacentre


$149.95* /mo
  • 2 Cores
  • 2GB RAM
  • 150GB SAN Storage
  • 200GB Bandwidth
  • Australian Datacentre


$249.95* /mo
  • 3 Cores
  • 4GB RAM
  • 250GB SAN Storage
  • 400GB Bandwidth
  • Australian Datacentre

Virtual Server Hosting In Australia

Need the best virtual server hosting Australia has to offer? There’s no need to go anywhere else then, because Bluefish Hosting is the perfect site for all of your virtual server needs. We have the experience and the expertise to help any organisation big or small, and our innovative range of technology is sure to make your life easier.

Whether you’re a reseller looking to host a large number of clients, a creative design agency juggling various digital campaigns or a large company in need of an IaaS platform with capabilities for email storage and more, then our virtual server hosting is ideal. Bluefish cloud hosting plans feature up to 8 processor cores for exceptional powerful and fast processing with varying RAM and storage needs to suit your business. Our Datacenters are also connected to multiple Tier1 links, ensuring the fastest possible delivery to customers’ browsers.

We know that no two businesses are alike, which is why we’ve got something to suit everyone. We’ve got a wide range of plans so you’ll be able to find the one that’s best for you; with our help of course! Our plans come with varying levels of memory, bandwidth and much more, so depending on your budget and the needs of your business you can easily pick one of the available options.

There are loads of great features you get with our virtual server in Australia, no matter which plan you’re on, including nightly backups, a easy-to-use and innovative virtual server control panel and 24/7 support from our expert engineers. This means that we’re always available to help and if you ever have any problems or questions we’ll be happy to help. Don’t have the time or resources to manage your servers yourself? Don’t worry, we’ll ensure that your server is constantly maintained, and take the stress and responsibility away from you.

Web Development

Nightly Backup

24/7 Support

Virtual Server Control Panel

99.9% SLA

Full Service Specification:

Specially built for dynamic sites, blogs and eCommerce

Inclusions / ExclusionsBFCloud-VPS 1BFCloud-VPS 2BFCloud-VPS 3BFCloud-VPS 4
SAN Storage150GB150GB250GB250GB
IP Addresses1123
Virtualisation PlatformHyper VHyper VHyper VHyper V
Clustered for High Availability
Quick Development
Full Control
99.9% Uptime Guarantee
24/7 Network Monitoring
24/7 Hardware Monitoring
Daily Backup
Offsite Replication of Backup
Web Control Panel
Windows Server 2012 R2$20 /month$20 /month$20 /month
Windows Server 2008 R2$20 /month$20 /month$20 /month
Cloud Linux With cPanel$35 /month$35 /month$35 /month$35 /month
Ubuntu with Shorewall Firewall$15 /month$15 /month$15 /month$15 /month
Ubuntu with Open VPN$15 /month$15 /month$15 /month$15 /month
Server Management
Linux$95 /month$95 /month$95 /month$95 /month
Price Details$99.95 /month$150.00 /month$250.00 /month$375.00 /month
Order TodayOrder TodayOrder TodayOrder Today

Great features included with all plans

Our sophisticated cloud infrastructure built on HP San device and Hyper V, you take advantage of the bluefish cloud allowing you the security and flexibility to run your virtual server.


Nightly Backup

Bluefish takes your data seriously. Each night bluefish backups your whole virtual server and then stores this at alternate data centre for 10 days. We will also take a monthly backup and keep this for two months. You will be able to request a restore of your whole virtual server or just a single file.


Virtual Server Control Panel

Reboot your server and manage your server via our web front end to gain complete control. If for some reason your server has become unresponsive you can power cycle with the click of a button.


24/7 Support

The bluefish cloud infrastructure is monitored 24/7*365 by our team of engineers. We ensure that your Virtual server is running. If you have issue with your Virtual Server then call us and get one of our knowledgeable engineers to help you.

Vitrual Servers - Server Management

Virtual Server Management is ideal for clients that do not have in house resources, time or confidence to manage their servers at an administrator or root level. Our server management will ensure that your server is maintained in the best of health.

24/7 monitoring

24/7 monitoring of services and response to outage notifications


4 hour maximum response time for new support requests lodged

Advice and scoping

Advice and scoping for capacity planning and future-proofing

Regular Updates

Weekly system updates, bug fixes and security patching as needed for your operating system

Fast response

10 minute response time for monitoring alerts and outages


Backup management and configuration


Support Scope:

Apache - Install and configure server, virtual hosts and SSL where needed

Tomcat - Install and configure

Exim - Install, configure and basic diagnostics

FTP - Install, setup and configure

MySQL and PostgreSQL - Install and setup (no DBA work)

PHPMyAdmin - Full setup and configure

PHP, Perl and Shell - Install and configure server, virtual hosts and SSL where needed

cPanel - Install, configure and diagnostics

Bind -Install only

SSH - Install and full configure

Java - Environment install only

CSF - Firewall setup and configure

Cron - Setup and configure jobs

Add On Services:

Additional IP Addresses - We can offer both IP4 or IP6 addresses.

  • IP4 Addresses from $10 per month
  • IP6 Addresses from $5 per month

If you require an extra IP address, we will require a written explanation of its purpose, this can be as simple as adding another SSL. The number of additional IP addresses per clients VPS is limited to a maximum of 16.

Microsoft SQL

Server Hardening and Security - designed to save you time and resources.