Website Maintenance & Management

At bluefish we appreciate how important your data is.

Looking after and optimising your website is essential when it comes to the success of your business, but the day-to-day running of things takes time - time that you may not be willing to sacrifice. Website maintenance may not be your area of expertise either, so why waste your time futilely trying to fix things when we have friendly, knowledgeable staff ready and willing to do it for you?

You can’t just create your website and then forget about it if you want to be successful. Regular website maintenance ensures that everything stays running smoothly, and the absence of errors or broken links on your site will help keep your visitors happy. You also have to consider the security of your site, because without a proper management program you’re susceptible to being hacked.

Backing up your website regularly is also essential, especially if you’re making frequent changes to it. Your data is extremely important to us, so Bluefish will take this responsibility off your hands for you, with free nightly backups which are stored offsite. We’ll keep these nightly backups for a whole week, so if you ever require a whole account or server restore we’ll be able to help you out.

Bluefish Hosting is the ideal company for people who are time poor and value convenience above all else, since we’ll take care of your website management for you. Our comprehensive management service for hosted services is the ideal solution if you need any patches, or just general maintenance. Our expert team of engineers will maintain your server to ensure its security and that its running at optimum performance.

Like the sound of our website management services? Stop worrying about the little things, and leave it to our qualified, experienced engineers. Get in touch now for our excellent services - we guarantee that we’ll have your website running incredibly smoothly and efficiently!

Your data is important to us

All of our hosting plans come with free nightly backups

Virtual servers are also backed up every night

You will be able to restore partial backups through cpanel